Vanessa shares her story

February 15, 2019
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Vanessa was living out her dream. She was a mother of two beautiful children and working as a Digital Marketing Executive for an international marketing firm. Everything seemed to be going her way and life was great. Then she got a phone call she never thought possible. She needed to come home, her mother was sick.

In September of 2017 Vanessa’s mother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. The family was devastated. No one thought this seemingly healthy mother could be facing death. Her mother fought and fought her disease, maintaining a relatively normal life for the first 4 months. Then things began to get worse, she had to take leave from work. A short 6 months later Vanessa’s mother passed away, leaving the family emotionally AND financially devastated.

Vanessa’s parents were both financially savvy. They had saved money and were on track to retire early. Her mother had employer-paid Life Insurance benefits and a great retirement. However, her mother did not have disability insurance, so when she was unable to work, the family lost her income, forcing Vanessa’s father to return to work to support his family, missing valuable moments in his wife’s final days. Since her mother was unable to work, her employer was forced to remove her from the group life insurance coverage, so when she passed, she did not have ANY life insurance.

Vanessa was devastated. She had just lost her mother and now she was watching her father struggle to keep their family home. Vanessa’s mind started to race, and she knew she couldn’t see anyone have to live through that struggle again. Feeling a calling, Vanessa started studying and became a licensed insurance agent and is preparing for the Series 7 Securities exam. Vanessa found her way to Klamath Insurance Center in December of 2018 as the Life and Annuities Specialist. Vanessa has worked to prepare individuals and families for their financial future. Having the right support is necessary to address your financial goals, whether it involves estate planning, funding you child’s education, preparing for retirement, business succession planning, or protecting your family from the loss of income due to death or disability.

Call Vanessa today to set up a Life Review. Even if you already have life insurance, let her review your policy to make sure your coverage matches your current situation. Call Vanessa at 541-882-5555 or email