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Who We Are

Klamath Insurance Center, Inc is a full-service independent insurance agency that has been serving the Klamath Basin since 1935. Klamath Insurance offers a full line-up of insurance options and consultative risk management services to individuals, businesses, and government entities alike. Each client has unique needs, and our job is to understand the specific risks and make the most appropriate recommendations that fit the client. 

Klamath Insurance is currently owned by Craig Phair, Nicolas Phair, and James Hurst. Craig became the majority shareholder of the corporation in 2012 and partnered with his brother Nicolas and friend, James, to continue the legacy of providing the best client experience in the area and continuing to grow the Agency. Both Craig and Nicolas were born and raised in Klamath Falls and have extremely tight ties to the Community. The Phair family has been active in Klamath Falls, and building the success of our community for more than 100 years. Klamath Insurance also owns the DBAs of Klamath Financial Group and Oregon Benefit Solutions.

In 2015, the ownership group purchased Insurance Marketplace, Inc in Medford, Oregon. Insurance Marketplace has been serving the needs of the Rogue Valley area since 1917 and continues operating under the same name. Several of our Brokers and Consultants work in both locations, using their specific expertise to serve our clients.

Today, Klamath Insurance Center employs over 20 people between all our locations. We are fully licensed to offer all lines of insurance, including property, liability, worker’s compensation, fidelity and surety bonds, as well as the entire spectrum of employee benefits and retirement options.

Our Primary Purpose

We believe in being active members of the communities we serve. When delivering our services, we strive to get to know out clients as best we can. We believe this is a vital part of our relationship, so we understand client needs and provide the best advice. We manage risk, analyze claims data, perform regular policy reviews, provide employee education and consultations, and make ourselves available to answer any questions from you or your employees. 

Where we are

For many rural communities, we sometimes feel we are required to travel to "The City" for access to high quality professional services. We are here to prove that is not true and offer world-class consulting services to all our clients, no matter the location. Our firm utilizes several different technology platforms and have been using ZOOM since before it was cool. While technology plays a large part in our Agency, we know nothing can truly replace a personal connection. Our Agency maintains four physical offices in Klamath Falls, Medford, Hermiston, and Yakima, WA which we use as "staging areas' to serve the surrounding communities.

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